Welcome to our Community.

The following Rules and Regulations have been established for the benefit of all our residents. They were developed to enhance the appearance of our communities and promote a safe and pleasant living environment for all of our residents. Any changes to these Rules and Regulations will be made with prior written notification in accordance with your lease. Any reference to “homes” in these Rules and Regulations includes manufactured homes, mobile homes, travel trailers and recreational vehicles, as applicable. All capitalized terms used but not defined in these Rules and Regulations will have the meanings given to those terms in the lease to which these Rules and Regulations are attached. .  



    A. Office hours are posted on the office door and subject to change based on the Community’s requirements.

    B. The Community’s emergency contact is the Community Manager as designated in the lease. The Community Manager’s phone number is _________________________.


    A. All prospective residents of the Community must complete an application to include credit and a background check. Application fees are posted in the Community’s office and the Community Manager will advise you of these fees at the time of application.

    B. At the time of application, the Community Manager will approve all homes intended to be placed in the Community. Applicant must submit photos of the home, make, model, HUD#, VIN #, copy of the current title and year built.



    A. The Community Manager or attendant must be present to instruct the driver on the proper location and the tie down of your home. Failure to have the Community Manager or attendant present may result in re-spotting of the home at the homeowner’s expense. The Community reserves the right to charge a supervisory fee not to exceed $50.00 per hour.

    B. Residents are responsible for the costs to set-up the home. The resident is also responsible for having the home connected to utilities. The resident is responsible for furnishing the proper breaker box and having it installed and connected by a licensed professional.

    C. All utility lines going to the home must be buried and the tenant is responsible for all maintenance of their electric from and including the breaker box to the home.

    D. A home cannot be set up after 4:00 pm and can only be set up Monday through Friday.

    E. All homes must be hooked up and maintained according the State and local standards. This includes permits, inspections or other necessary requirements for the complete and proper hook up of the home.

    F. All utilities servicing the home that are the resident’s responsibility to maintain per the lease must be installed to meet or exceed local, State and City specifications by a licensed plumber, electrician and mechanical vendor.



    A. All residents are required to maintain their home in a habitable and orderly condition. Homes must have all siding, skirting, roofs, stairs, decks, awnings, shutters, windows, doors and all appurtenances in a neat and orderly appearance.

    B. All residents are required to obtain written permission from the Community Manager to change the paint color of the exterior of their home (with a strong preference for muted colors), add decking, stairs or otherwise perform any material alterations to the exterior of their home after the initial approval and acceptance of the home into the Community.



    A. A resident’s security deposit is noted in the lease and is due at the time of lease execution or as noted on resident’s receipt at time of deposit.

    B. The security deposit will be refunded according to the terms of the lease and as follows for month-to-month residents.

         a. Rent must be paid in full, including utilities up to date of move out.

         b. The site must be left free from debris, such as broken blocks, anchors, blocking stands, sewer pipe, pieces of skirting, trash, etc.

         c. A full move-out and lease termination notice has been received by the Community Manager in accordance with the lease.

         d. Any outstanding money owed such as utilities, rent or clean-up charges will be deducted from the deposit.

    C. You must leave the Community Manager a forwarding address so the security deposit can be returned to you. A telephone number is also required so that the Community Manager can reach you for any additional requirements or items needing to be removed or attended to at the Community.



    A. On the day of move-out, all meters will be read and a final bill calculated. Payment is required at the time of delivery of this final meter reading bill.

    B. Any resident owned vehicles, boats, decks or storage sheds left on the site must be removed no later than 24 hours after the home is moved. Sheds owned by Lessor shall not be removed. If these items remain on the site after 24 hours, you will be charged storage, at the rate of two times (2x) monthly site rent, until such time they are removed.



    A. Installation of approved skirting on all sides of the home is required within thirty (30) days from move in.

    B. Skirting materials may be smart panel, lap siding or Hardi Board to match the exterior of the home. All skirting must be painted to match the exterior of the home.

    C. Skirting must have vent panels on all 4 sides.

    D. There must be access doors on 3 sides, excluding the tongue end of the home.

    E. Wood, lattice, picket, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, brick or Masonite are NOT approved skirting materials.

    F. All residents who have not skirted their home within thirty (30) days of move in will be charged RV overnight rates until skirting is completed, in addition to the monthly site rent.

    G. Fire and safety laws prohibit the use of the space below a home for storage. Storing items on the space outside a home is prohibited unless placed inside a storage shed.

    H. All exposed water lines and connections that are the resident’s responsibility to maintain per the lease must be wrapped to prevent freezing. If you live in a climate that experiences winter weather on a regular basis, the installation of heat tape is required. If you live in a warmer climate, the installation of heat tapes is strongly recommended. Damage to the resident’s home or the Community caused by failure to comply is the sole responsibility of the resident.


    8. DECKING 

      a. The front deck must be a minimum of 8×6 feet and back deck must be a minimum of 4×4. Any larger deck, must be approved by the Community Manager and submitted in writing.

      b. Decking must have handrails on both sides of the steps and be made of treated lumber set on concrete blocks.

      c. All decking must be skirted and painted to match the exterior of the home.


      9. HITCHES

      A. All hitches are to be removed, at the homeowner’s expense, from any home that is brought into the Community. Lessor for itself and the Community Manager reserves the right to remove hitches from existing residents’ homes upon a two-week notice to the resident, at Lessor’s expense. Residents may store their hitch under their home. 


        A. All site oversight remains under the purview and control of Lessor.

        B. Residents will maintain their sites in a clean and orderly fashion and care for the lawn and plants on their site that were installed by Lessee. This includes mowing, weeding and trimming hedges around the home, utilities and curb in front of the home.

        C. Lawns will be mowed at least once a week during the Spring and Summer seasons and raked at least once a week during the Fall by the Lessor’s maintenance crew.

        D. Residents will be given one (1) notice that lawn maintenance is required and provided with a date to complete the maintenance. If the required maintenance is not performed within the timeframe stated in the notice, Lessor for itself and the Community Manager reserves the right without any liability to have the required maintenance performed at a minimum charge of $50.00. Should the cost to perform the required maintenance exceed the minimum charge, the resident will be responsible for the full cost.

        E. Any changes or alterations of a site must have prior written approval from the Community Manager before any changes may be made.


        11. TREES

        It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure trees and shrubs located on the resident’s site are watered, trimmed and remain disease free, subject to Lessor’s obligations to maintain trees, as required by Applicable Laws. Lessor is not responsible for any damages to persons, personal property, vehicles, homes, sheds, etc., sustained from trees, unless the damage is due to Lessor’s failure to maintain trees, as required by Applicable Laws.



        A. Old furniture, wood scraps, appliances or other materials may not be stored on the porch/patio, driveway, or other areas surrounding your home or site.

        B. If you do not have an existing shed on your site, please coordinate with the Community Manager for approval, which will include the appropriate size for the site. Each site is allowed ONE (1) shed per site.

        C. No addition to your home is permitted without prior written approval by the Community Manager.

        D. Decks, porches, awnings and fences must be approved in writing by the Community Manager PRIOR to their installation. You must provide a drawing of the project to include size, height, location and material. Wood projects must be protected by more than just a water sealant. Decks and other improvements must be commercially built or constructed to a high standard of safety and appearance.

        E. All windows and doors are to be in good condition. Broken windows are to be repaired immediately. No plastic is to be used for replacement. Window blinds or window curtains are to be installed. No sheets, towels, etc. are to be used as curtains.

        F. No towels, rugs, wearing apparel or other forms of laundry of any description may be hung outside the home. No clothesline or lines of any kind are permitted.



        a. Local Townships, Cities, and Fire Departments will govern the rule pertaining to the use of outdoor recreational fireplaces within manufactured housing communities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each homeowner to obtain approval for the use of this type of outdoor equipment from your local Township, City, or Fire Department.

        b. We do not allow uncontrolled campfires, fire rings, and any other type of burning that will emit ashes, sparks, etc. into the air. After use, all fires must be fully extinguished with no smoldering or lingering smoke in the air. The only equipment that can be used on a site are the approved fire pits, chimneys, etc., sold to consumers that have spark arresting lids, the firewood is contained with screen meshing, etc.


        14. VEHICLES

        A. Residents are allowed two (2) vehicles per home.

        B. No parking of cars, boats, trucks, RVs, trailers, jet skis or other type of vehicle is permitted on the street, driveway, yard or patio at any time. The Community Manager will coordinate with you where you can park extra vehicles.

        C. No parking in another resident space as this may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense.

        D. No major vehicle repairs are permitted including oil changes or any repair that may damage the site, street or disrupt your neighbors. You are required to check with the Community Manager before beginning any work on your vehicle.

        E. All vehicles must have current registration and inspection stickers.

        F. Only licensed drivers are allowed to operate a vehicle in the Community.

        G. No truck over a one-ton capacity, including box trucks, semis, or delivery vehicles, will be allowed in the Community without the permission of the Community Manager.

        H. No parking in designated fire lanes. Failure to comply will result in fines from the city Fire Marshall, towing or both. Repeated violations or failure to adhere to this rule may result in eviction, in addition to the fines and towing.

        I. Speed limit within the Community is 10 mph. Excessive warnings for violation of this rule may result in eviction.

        J. Visitors are required to utilize designated visitor parking in lieu of parking on the street or in adjoining residents’ parking spaces. Residents are required to become familiar with visitor parking areas in their Community and ensure their visitors park accordingly.



        a. The right to occupy a home on the leased site is not unconditionally transferable with the sale or transfer of title to the manufactured home. To ensure that the purchaser(s) of your home, should you decide to sell it, will be permitted to keep and occupy the home on the leased site, the following criteria must be met:

        b. The exterior physical appearance and condition of the manufactured home and leased site must be in good condition (windows, exterior siding, sheds, lawns, etc.). Therefore, prior to listing the home for sale, you are required to have the management inspect the exterior of your home and leased site to ensure that they are in compliance with the community standards. The fee for the inspection is Twenty and no/l00 Dollars ($20.00) which must be paid prior to the inspection. The inspection is valid for one year. If your home is not sold within that period, a supplemental inspection, at no charge, is required. All items that need repair or correction must be completed, weather permitting, prior to management’s final authorization of resale.

        c. One 18” x 12″ For Sale sign may be placed inside the front window of the home, but only after the inspection fee has been paid and full repairs and corrections have been completed.

        d. If the home is to remain on the leased site, the buyer must meet with the community management, apply for and be approved for residency PRIOR to the closing on the sale of the home. If the purchaser of a home occupies the home without first having obtained Management approval for residency, the purchaser will be deemed to be a trespasser and may be evicted from the community. The Resident will remain responsible for all rent and other charges which may accrue, regardless of whether the Resident continues to occupy the home.

        e. Any improvements, alterations or additions to the home and/or home site which are to remain on the home or home site following the onsite sale of the home, with the exception of concrete pads, must be sold and ownership transferred to the purchaser upon the sale of the home. It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to have any anchoring systems inspected by a licensed installer to ensure that they have been properly installed, activated and maintained.


        16. PETS 

        A. One (1) house pet, not to exceed 35 pounds at maturity, will be allowed per home.

        B. Pet owners are required to have general liability insurance that names the park owner as an additional insured. A copy of this insurance is required to be on file at our Community office.

        C. Only domestic pets are allowed. No livestock or exotic pets are allowed.

        D. The following dog breeds or any dog which has any part of the following breeds in their makeup, and any other dangerous breeds as determined by local ordinances are not an approved or allowed pet in the Community: Pit Bulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Chows.

        E. All pets must be on a leash and supervised when outside.

        F. No pets will be left outside overnight or when the resident is not at home.

        G. A copy of every pet’s vaccination records is to be on file at our Community office.

        H. All pet owners are required to clean up after their pet, in their yard as well as other areas when walking the pet.

        I. Notify the Community Manager of any stray animals. Stray animals will be taken to the animal shelter.

        J. Do not feed or encourage stray animals within the Community. Notify the Community Manager immediately so they may take appropriate action.

        K. A monthly pet fee will be added to your lot rent.


        17. CONDUCT 

        A. To the greatest extent permitted by Applicable Laws, the Community Manager and Lessor reserve the right to evict without notice anyone causing a disturbance or creating a nuisance. This includes noise after 10:00 pm or before 8:00 am, profane language, drunkenness, immoral conduct, loud parties, repetitive rule violations, loud stereos, or violations of the Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances.

        B. The Community Manager and Lessee will be the judge of what constitutes a disturbance or a nuisance.

        C. For all residents’ quiet enjoyment of their homes, there shall be no running, roughhouse playing, loud behavior, loitering or gathering except in designated common area.

        D. It is the responsibility of each resident to observe posted speed limits (10 mph) and show courtesy to pedestrians, bicyclists and children in the Community.

        E. To the greatest extent permitted by Applicable Laws, the Community Manager and Lessor reserve the right to evict any resident who does not follow the rules of safety and courtesy.

        F. All complaints should be in writing as anonymous complaints may be ignored.

        G. If it becomes necessary to remove a home from the premises for violations of rules, all expenses will be borne by the resident without liability to the Community or its managers.

        H. No resident may use or otherwise occupy any common area of the Community after 10:00 p.m.


        18. COMMON AREAS (if applicable to Community)

        A. The clubhouse may be reserved for private functions. A reservation form must be completed and a $200 deposit made. This deposit will not be refunded if there is any damage done to the facilities or if the facilities have not been properly cleaned. From time to time, an additional fee may be assessed by the Community based upon the intended use of the facility.

        B. The pool is intended for the residents of the Community and their invited guests (limited to two (2) per resident) and subject to separate Rules and Regulations and those posted at the pool area.

        C. Music is permitted if it is cordless and used with headphones.

        D. Loud parties or excessive drinking will not be tolerated.

        E.  No resident may use or otherwise occupy any common area of the Community after 10:00 p.m.



        A. No soliciting or commercial enterprise is allowed within the Community.

        B. Tampering with or altering the functioning of sub-meters is prohibited and will result in a fine of $100 assessed to the resident. Failure to abide by this rule may result in eviction.

        C. Residents are responsible for any and all physical damages and/or property damages caused or inflicted to the Community or other residents by themselves, their children or guardianships, and their guests.

        D. Cutting through sites is not allowed by anyone except Management.

        E. Aggressive sports such as football, soccer, baseball, kickball, softball, etc., will not be allowed to be played in the Community, unless the Community has provided facilities for such sports.

        F. Antennas and satellite dishes may NOT be allowed and only upon written approval from the Community Manager.

        G. Residents will be issued a C.O.D. bill for any damages incurred by themselves or by their guests.

        H. No BB guns, pellet guns, guns using live ammunition of any kind, bows, arrows, fireworks, sling shots or crossbows are permitted to be discharged within the Community.

        I. All residents must have a signed Lease Agreement and Emergency Contact Information on file with the Management.

        J. No mini-bikes, go-carts, ATVs or snowmobiles are allowed to be ridden in the Community.

        K. Motorcycles are only to be ridden in the Community to go to and from a destination outside the Community.

        L. No digging or any holes or ditches are allowed without prior written approval from the Community Manager. The Community Manager will coordinate with the resident to locate utilities lines. Resident will be responsible for the cost of repairs arising from unauthorized digging.

        M. No garage sales without prior written approval from the Community Manager.

        N. No pools larger than 5 feet in diameter and 1 foot deep are allowed. If you have a pool that complies with the above requirements, the pool must be emptied of the water each night. 


        P. ONE FAMILY is allowed per home, a max of 4 adult family members and its members identified at time of application. Guests staying more than two (2) weeks must have the Community Manager’s approval. Adults not related by marriage or blood are not allowed beyond the 2 original Lessee’s.

        Q. Storage of items on vacant sites is prohibited. Any item placed on a vacant site will be removed without notice and the owner of such item will be assessed costs for the removal.

        R. Trampolines are not allowed.

        S. If any laws are passed which change any of these Rules and Regulations, all remaining Rules and Regulations will continue in full force and effect.


        20. WAIVERS 

        Lessor’s failure to enforce any provisions of these Rules and Regulations after default or breach by resident shall not be deemed a waiver of Lessor’s right to enforce any and all provisions of these Rules and Regulations upon any other default or breach by a resident.


        21. ENFORCEMENT

        A. A violation of any provisions contained in these Rules and Regulations will also constitute a breach of the lease or month-to-month tenancy. All breaches of these Rules and Regulations will be enforced according to this Section 18, unless specific consequences are otherwise described.

        B. A first violation will result in a written warning to the resident.

        C. A second violation (or failure to cure a continuing violation within two (2) days of the initial notice) will result in a second written warning and a fine of $50 imposed against the resident. Failure to pay the fine within ten (10) days of its issuance will result in a notice of intent to remove the resident from the Community.

        D. A third violation (or failure to cure a continuing violation within two (2) days of the second written warning) will result in a notice of intent to remove the resident from the Community.

        E. Any violation that threatens the health or safety of the person in the Community is grounds for immediate eviction with the minimum notice allowed by applicable law in which the Community is located. The appropriate law enforcement agency will be notified if any resident commits any act which is in violation of any local, state or federal law.



        a. Residents shall make no alterations to the exterior of the manufactured home or to the leased site without first obtaining the written permission of Management. Residents must provide Management with a sketch, to scale, of the appearance or location of the proposed improvement or alteration (i.e. porch, deck, carport, shed, awning, cement pad or other home additions).

        b. Resident is responsible for contacting utility companies to verify the location of any underground utilities and the sketch of the proposed alteration is to clearly and accurately indicate the location of such buried utility lines.

        c. Resident is responsible for obtaining any required building permits. Residents who make improvements or alterations without first obtaining required building permits and/or the written approval of Management may be required, by Management, to remove the improvements or alterations, or Management may remove such improvements at Resident’s cost.

        d. All improvements and alterations are to be performed by a licensed contractor unless the improvements or alterations are performed by the resident.

        e. All improvements provided by Resident, anchoring equipment and utility hookups shall remain the property of the resident.

        f. Residents may, after supplying management with the details and obtaining written approval, plant trees and shrubs for their home site. Management reserves the right to reject certain species of trees or shrubs as unsuitable for planting on a home site.